This Research Methodology Training Program is a DHP accredited training initiative lead by the Department of Clinical Research, Clinical Affairs Directorate, and designed to empower PHCC employees within clinical professions to design, analyze, execute and disseminate research work in health-related domains. The program is divided into two stages:

  1. Preparatory Module for Research Training: This online (e-learning) Introductory Research Training Module is taken as an opportunity to gain an introduction to clinical research or used for eligibility to apply for the next level of the training program. On completion of all the activities (read the lectures and other resources included in the module) you will receive a certificate which can be used to request 3 credit points for category 2 in your QCHP e-portfolio.
  2. Basic Health Research Module: This is held as a face to face workshop, which requires participants to attend four full days. At the end of this module, you will be required to draft a research proposal and submit it to the Department of Clinical Research for review/approval, which will be used as evidence of successfully passing this module (in addition to other assessments).

Other specialized courses are being provided like the Computerized Statistical Analysis Skills-Basic SPSS Module: Participants will be required to attend a face to face five day workshop. The candidate is required to complete assignments and practical exercises. This module is DHP accredited for 27 CPD points (QCHP Category 1: Accredited Group Learning Activities).

The Basic Biostatistics Module (e-learning module) is another standalone completely online specialized training course in research eligible for 5 CPD points (QCHP Category 2: Self-Directed Learning Activities).